The Story of Vishuddha Chakra

Vishuddha Chakra (“Vi-shoe-dah”): The name of the throat chakra means “purity”.  Situated in the throat centre, the basic concept of Vishuddha is that of space, and sound in space.

It represented by the colour blue or smokey violet; the colours of distance and space.  It is connected with the element of space (or ether), with the auditory sense and with the seed sound ham (“hum”).

Physically we think of Vishuddha in terms of neck, mouth, jaw, vocal cords, and lungs.

Physiologically Vishuddha is related to the thyroid and parathyroid glands which are responsible for regulation of metabolism, body growth and the activity of the nervous system.

It is also in this chakra that needs, desires, directions and emotions are expressed through vocalisation.

Through Vishuddha we balance silence and speech; being content with silence when there is no reason for sound, and not afraid to speak out when the situation warrants.  A powerful way to effect positive change is though healthy connection with this chakra.

We communicate clearly with forthrightness, kindness and compassion.