What are Yoga Road classes like?

Yoga Road classes include flowing sequences and stationary postures that address strength, stretch and balance and optimal function. This is all done within the central emphasis on the breath.  The 90 minute classes finish with 20 minutes of relaxation technique.  We generally work to a theme over a term so we can build up our resources and repertoire of poses and sequences. Students are encouraged to work as strongly or as gently as they wish, as yoga is very adaptable. Classes are small and friendly (max 10), cater for beginners and experienced students and emphasise safe progress.

Students are always encouraged to listen to their own bodies, but yoga practice can be modified for individual needs.

If you miss a class you are welcome to make it up in one of the other time slots with prior notice to the teacher and subject to a space being available.

The Yoga Road Philosophy

Yoga is not just exercise, its not performing for others or Instagram, not twisting your body into really uncomfortable shapes,  not just sitting cross-legged chanting (oh, OK there’s a bit of that if you want). Yoga is not about religion. The spirituality that is  associated with yoga is something natural that may arise in yourself as you practise.  When the physical aspect of yoga is combined with conscious breathing and mindful awareness then flexibility, balance, quiet strength and endurance builds in the body and will naturally flow to the mind and heart too.

The student returns to a state of calm clarity which then extends into daily life.

Yoga Road’s aim is to share this experience in a safe and individual way.  I hope that you will learn to enquire of yourself, and discover yourself in a way that will continue to delight and reward you for the rest of your life.

My teaching methods are very much aligned with self-discovery, rather than simple dictation of a particular outward form.  This is articulated beautifully in Donna Farhi’s article Teaching Students To Trust Themselves.

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