The Story of Anahata Chakra

Anahata Chakra (“Anna-hutta”):  Sometimes translated as “infinite boundary” or “unstuck”, Anahata is located level with the heart in the centre of the chest and midway between the lower and upper chakras.  It is often represented in a fresh green; the colour of calm and new growth.  It is associated with the air element, the sense of touch and the seed mantra yam (“yum”)

The parts of the body we associate with Anahata are the heart, lungs, chest and abdominal cavities, the circulatory system, the arms and skin.  Anahata has relationship to the thymus gland and the associated interconnected organs and tissues that make up the immune system.

Anahata receives the output from the three lower chakras where our basic needs are being attended to (Muladhara), flow and possibility are being explored (Svadhisthana) and energy and determination are rallied (Manipura).   The heart chakra then regulates our interactions with the world so we are not over involved or too remote.   This places us in the optimal position to live comfortably with the many aspects of change that inevitably accompany us through our lives.  From this stable foundation we find freedom and we grow.

A principle of Anahata is unconditional respect, kindness and love.  When Anahata is in balance, we are able to give and receive these qualities freely without fear, self-consciousness, and happily without expectation of return.