The Story of Manipura Chakra

Manipura Chakra: (“munni-poora”) literally translates as “fortress of gems” and resides in the centre of the torso. Various texts describe it as being behind the navel or radiating from the solar plexus.  It is represented by the fire element, is associated with a beautiful colour of yellowy gold, with the visual sense and the seed sound ram (“rrum”).

Physically Manipura is associated with the digestive system.  It’s physiological aspect relates to the metabolism of food and the immune system.  Both of these systems rely upon our correct decisions about what input is useful and what is not – i.e. discrimination about our health.

This is the chakra of informed decision-making, of relationships and achievement of goals.  It is our little internal get-up-and-go heat generator.  It is the chakra of ego…ego in the good sense of belief in one’s personal ability to direct oneself.

Manipura provides us with the energy and courage to change those things that need changing, in a practical outward sense and also inwardly.

When Manipura is in balance we are pleasantly extroverted, motivated and confident in our decision-making and power.