The Story of Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara Chakra: (“moola-dara”) literally translates as “root support” and sits at the very base of the torso. Various texts describe it as being at the perineum or at the cervix in women.  It is represented by the earth element, is associated with the colour red, the sense of smell and the seed sound lam (“lum”).   Physically it is associated with the lower limbs and with all the hard parts of the body; bones, teeth, nails.

Muladhara is the base of our being, our foundation.  It is related to our instinct for survival:  physical and financial security, body image and family.

Muladhara is our rock solid anchor-point when we feel buffeted by the winds of change.

When Muladhara is in balance we feel secure, confident, able to handle what comes, and content with what we have.