Energy and Confidence

Energy and confidence tend to travel hand-in-hand in a similar way to the connection between our bodies and mind.    A confident, reliable body leads to a confident mind.  A mind with energy will tap hidden resources of energy in tired body.  When our energy levels are low, our self-confidence can be hard to find.

One of the biggest misconceptions about our source of energy is that “it’s out there somewhere”.  The truth is that energy is within us already but sometimes we forget that we already know how to access our innate life force or prana, and we might grab a cup of coffee or something sweet and fatty for their “medicinal” qualities.  Yogis know that breath control can be as powerful and potent as external substances.

It takes effort and therefore energy to be able to break unhelpful habits.  In a competitive world it can be easy to slip into lack of self-confidence.  Critical messages about ourselves might run in our head almost automatically in the face of a challenging situation.  However we do have a choice.  Challenging negative thoughts and integrating positive ideas takes time and practice, and sometimes an element of faking it until you make it.

In the Energy and Confidence Practice, act as if you are confident.  “This posture is getting easier every time I do it”,  “I am becoming a highly skilled yoga practitioner”. Cultivating competence does not mean becoming cocky, defensive or egotistical.  Rather, it is your birthright to feel assured of who you are.  Take in a deep breath and gather a sense of assurance.  Keep this sense with you even if your body starts trembling a bit in the practice.

The only thing we can count on is change.  Yoga helps us to find the confidence and energy to meet the changes in our lives.