Awareness and Acceptance

If we want to make changes or improvements in our lives, we must first become conscious of what is actually going on now.

When people do yoga consistently they’re much more open to change.  That’s the key:  If I’m not open to making changes, then I won’t let myself be aware.  What’s the point of being aware if I’m not going to listen to my Awareness and act upon it?  (Jeff Midgow – MD and yoga practitioner)

In modern society, it is easy to get divorced from our body and all the important signals it is constantly sending us. One of the many great gifts of yoga is that it offers an antidote to this trend, and a pathway for reconnecting more deeply with our body.  (Leila Stuart, yoga therapist co-author with Donna Farhi of the book on Pathways to a Centered Body.)

Practising yoga will bring you face to face with Acceptance.  There will be times when your body will not be able to hold a posture.  Some days you’ll set aside time for yoga to help you reduce stress, and it will bring you more in touch with your anger and resentment.  Trust that putting your body into different positions you explore the many levels of being that a human can be confronted with.  Acceptance is not passivity or giving up.  Rather it is an active willingness to face all aspects of our humanness.  Acceptance is an acknowledgment of what is, and an opportunity to find meaning and to grow from it. (Rachel Shaeffer)