Introduction to the Yoga Toolbox Term

We practise yoga to feel good, or to feel better in some way…it may be a physical reason or not physical (stress related, etc.).  The reasons are as many as there are people in this room.  Different practices suit different people, but there are intentions common to all which, when followed, gives a physical and mental tune-up much like you might your car, or computer.  The intentions of a good yoga practice are:

  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • A willingness to adapt
  • Kindness
  • Breathing
  • A quiet determination
  • Patience
  • Practice
  • Being in the Now

In a sense by sticking with these intentions whatever your yoga practice it will always suit the varying situations you find yourself in.

Within this framework Toolbox Yoga highlights practical directions of a practice to address specific issues that might come up such as a good practice for the long-haul traveller, building energy levels, and so on.  Remember to check in with how the practice is feeling for you as you are doing it…use the above intentions and don’t force anything just because it seems “prescribed” for your situation.