Sweet Surrender (Ishvara Pranidhana)

Review of a term of Yamas and Niyamas

We have been referring back to the grass roots of yoga…to the distinctive features that make yoga what it is. The Yamas and Niyamas are the foundations that make the physical body and the spiritual garden a strong, vital, happy one.

We’ve looked at qualities that influence our behaviour with others:

Kindness, truthfulness, generosity, moderation, de-cluttering,

then investigated the good personal habits we develop;

Purity, Contentment, Determined effort and the balance of these two things.

Last week there was self-reflection, and this week we surrender to something bigger than us

All just basic common sense.   Living according to the yogic ethos is about a better life in the long run.

This week we looked at Ishvara Pranidhana; translated as yielding to the divine. Having put all the good guidelines of the previous weeks into practice we let go, turn off the worry and just be, trusting that we have laid down the best foundations and what happens, happens.