Yoga Therapy is different from personal attention in a group class and from taking private yoga lessons.

Yoga Therapy applies the 5000 year-old science of yoga to manage a range of health and wellbeing circumstances.  The approach is tailored to the individual.  Yoga Therapy aims to equip the client to be an active participant in the management of his or her overall wellbeing, recovery or rehabilitation.  Yoga Therapy does not aim to replace a client’s preferred mainstream medical care but rather is designed to complement a person’s existing health plan. 

Yoga Therapy has successfully been used to address a wide variety of health problems from sore backs and arthritis, balance issues, through headaches and insomnia, preparation for and recovery from surgery, cancer (from diagnosis, to treatment, to recovery), neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinsons Disease, MRD, and anxiety and depression and phobias. As the scientific literature continues to build regarding the effectiveness of yoga therapy, it is becoming increasingly accepted by western medicine as a complementary modality.

The Yoga Therapy sessions are a two-way process where you will work with Sue to develop a very simple plan that is unique to your needs, that you enjoy and can be practised at home. The length of the plan is up to the individual and it might dovetail with recommendations from other health professionals. The first session takes 90 minutes and then the two follow-up sessions are an hour each. The client is given a recording of the session to help with the home practice. Clients love it!

For some clients, mindfulness relaxations might be used, in particular for insomnia, shift work, times of stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD. If you are interested in meditation classes, please contact Sue.

Currently in Australia, any yoga teacher can claim to be a yoga therapist. It is very important for those seeking this modality to enquire of the therapist’s training in this specific area. Sue Livingston undertook training that encompassed 800 hours of training specific to yoga therapy.

If you are interested in yoga therapy, please go to the contact page on this website.

True yoga is accessible to everyone!

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga” T. Krishnamacharya.