What students say about Yoga Road

“I have been attending Sue’s yoga classes since she began Yoga Road. Her ability to connect and understand her student’s needs when they are practising their yoga postures, breathing techniques and the path they wish to take is next to none. She is very attentive and always aware of individual needs and has the ability to accommodate this in a group class. Her knowledge of Yoga in the way of life is extensive and is she is always willing to share that with her students. Since attending these classes with the help of Sue my practice of Yoga has extended in many ways. I have become more confident with my practice, breathing practices have improved and on leaving class I always feel energised and most of all very calm and stress-less. I have also attended private classes with Sue and have found them very beneficial. Students practice in a very light, comfortable room and the ambience surrounding everyone is peaceful and quiet.”

Avril P (a former IYTA yoga teacher)

“Sue is a caring, knowledgeable and engaging yoga teacher. The small class sizes at Yoga Road allow for a more personal instruction and therefore Sue is able to teach the beginner yoga student and challenge the more advanced.” Jane C

“Yoga Road is a journey of self-discovery and our wise and considerate teacher Sue guides us along the way. Whether we are bending, stretching, twisting, balancing or RELAXING we know we are in safe hands. It’s a feel-good experience. Thanks Sue.”  Jocelyn

“I always feel better physically and emotionally after our yoga classes.” Nita K

“Yoga Road provides an extraordinary opportunity to practice yoga in a group and at the same time be treated individually – with consideration always for unique physical and mental health needs. I believe this yoga is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness – you have support with comfort while improving your total well-being.” Elizabeth B

“I love Yoga Road classes because they are so varied, with a different theme each term, so it never feels repetitive even though I am practising the same poses and feeling improvement. Sue’s classes are very nurturing and caring.”  Jo N

“Sue’s classes allow you to stretch and strengthen not only your body but your mind. They keep you in touch each session with how you are – physically and mentally. The yoga can be challenging but without the competitiveness with others. The classes are small which allows for individual attention by Sue.” Syd P

“Thank you, Sue, for the gift of teaching and learning so that I can practise outside of class as well as within. I have gained confidence and can approach home practice with more ease” Penny B

“This yoga is a rejuvenating experience. With a strong basis in breathing techniques, it involves concentration, flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation. Small classes allow each person to practise within their own limitations under the watchful eye of our experienced teacher. It’s non-competitive and enjoyable.” Jocelyn S