Every term Yoga Road runs a different theme.  As we go through a typical 9 or 10 week term, we build up technique, strength and repertoire.  This does not preclude you from joining part-way through the term, but the most benefit is gained by attending a full course and trying not to miss too many classes.

Every class will include traditional postures (Asana) that cover forward and back bends, twists, lateral work, balancing,  inversion.  A big emphasis is on breath awareness and stress reduction.  The aim of the overarching themes is to act as a springboard for all these elements, and to give a greater perspective to what yoga is really about.  That is; not religion, not just exercise, not performing for others or Instagram, not twisting your body into really uncomfortable shapes,  not just sitting cross-legged chanting (oh, OK there’s a bit of that if you want).

Themes in the past have included the Chakras, Balance (in all it’s aspects), The Five Elements, Yoga Ethos, Freedom from Base to Apex.   For a full list see the page “Themes for the Yoga Road” on this website.

I encourage and welcome suggestions from students for term themes, and also specific requests to work on during the course, such as increasing core strength, quick relaxation techniques for the office, release of tight neck, etc.